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Amanda J.

Best Selling Author

 In 2016, Amanda J. was selected to co-author with the infamous Jack Canfield (Renowned author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" series, star of hit film "The Secret" and much more).

Winning a Quilly Award and becoming a Best Selling Author for her success principles, Amanda J. has helped thousands to transform their lives and achieve their goals plus much more. 

Amanda J. is spanning her horizons to reach more people and share her lived experiences and the very proincples that have seen her achieve her very own goals.

Clinical Hypnotherapist 

Amanda J. is a highly experienced, qualified hypnotherapist specialising in Gastric Band and weight loss hypnosis, having her own lived experience with the physical and emotional food battles. (Ask about her Before and After photos!)

You will be guided through the entire process and supported every step of the way. But beware, her no BS approach will ensure you are ready to take responsibility for your successes!

Public Speaker

After becoming a Best Selling Author, Amanda J. realised her the importance of creating a legacy. 

Through her individual and humourous method of sharing her lived experiences of bullying, domestic violence, bankruptcy, trauma, obesity and an array of other challenges, Amanda J. shows you how your thinking impacts on your behaviour and often produces the exact results you're trying to avoid and how to change this pattern.

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Success Coach

Stop settling for mediocrity and start LIVING! With over 20 years experience in coaching and mentoring, Amanda J. has a wealth of knowledge and understanding on how people tick! Learn the exact system I used to create a dream book contract! 

More details can be found at http://amandaj.thinkingintoresults.com/